ANIMA can create compelling 3D Animations that are informative and enable your product to stand out from the crowd

Taking your 2D or 3D CAD files, ANIMA will create a life like version of your product and animate it to specification.

Provide your files in any format

We take your 2D or 3D CAD files whether it is a DWG, FBX or any other file type. Simply provide what you have and ANIMA will convert your files into the needed filetypes for 3D animation in our preferred software.

We upscale the quality

Once we have your files we make sure they look as good as they possibly can and transfer them into our software ready for animation.

Animate & Render

Once we are setup we animate your product to spec and work through various drafts until you are happy and provided with your video files that you can use wherever you choose.

A unique product to amaze your customers.

Allow your customers to view your product without having to send expensive heavy items in the post or arrange a viewing at a location.


Simply send prospective clients a link containing an animation describing your product or system. This takes away the hard work of explaining its intricacies and allows your customer time to take it all in.

Grab all the attention with a new way to market your product.

Being able to look at a 3D animation of a product adds a new dimension to marketing that helps your customers make a more informed choice.


ANIMA uses the very best rendering and animation software to create a life like reproduction of your product that can be used to demonstrate its capabilities to your clients.


A digital version of your product can be easily sent to clients so that they can view your product . Anything from a new car design to a building can be delivered to a client digitally in minutes.


In an environmentally conscious world the importance of making reductions in postage and excess material costs is high. Having digital versions of your product not only reduces these costs over time, but also helps keep our world tidy.


Speak to ANIMA today and get ahead of your competition with digital product samples and demonstrations using 3D animation.

Do you think 3D Animation in Construction is out of reach?


ANIMA uses a flat fee approach. Take a look at our range of services.

You can now animate your product in HD at affordable prices.


This is the future of construction for architects and installers.


Get started today.

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